Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Can't believe it's been so long since I've written. Life's been really busy, and really great. I'm not as "dedicated" to this site as I was when I started it. Dating, partying, vacations, weddings, babies, etc. etc... all the usual life stuff keeps happening.

My life has done a total 180 since Sept 06 - the ER shit. I still think about that all the time, like my rape. I think about all that stuff constantly, but it doesn't run my life anymore like it once did.

Although I haven't been writing here much since the ER trip last year (or writing at all since then, for that matter), I've still been receiving nice, comforting comment from parents looking for support & understanding because their daughter was just raped. Or from other survivors who are looking for some of their own inner peace. And every time I receive one of these comments, the world makes sense again... it makes all my enraged anger, silent pain & draining confusion worth every second - these rattled thoughts and emotions about my life thus far has, without a doubt, helped at least one person out there to not feel alone. More than one person, I know... but even if the retreat center, non-profit & fundraisers never happen... even if I spend the next sixty years trying to land a lucrative book deal, it doesn't matter. Because this is helping others survive. That's all I want to do. Help others finish today so they can see tomorrow. One step at a time. No matter who tries to hurt us.

Goodnight, and Happy Halloween!


Blogger albert said...

Well, sis.

Let me be the first one to welcome you back to your own site.

Yes, it has been a long time since we read your words.. However it wasn't long enough to forget you.

I'm glad to hear that you're absorbing your life as they come.

Since you're doing much better now, how about a little clean up of your posts?

Once again, it's great to knowing you're back.


11/04/2007 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ran in here absolutely randomly!! but it made me happy when i read this post, glad to see you're up and about.

11/28/2007 11:03 PM  
Blogger Karma said...

I just tagged you in a MEME about survivor needs.

12/23/2007 8:04 PM  
Anonymous FullyGodFullyHuman said...

Have you seen the movie "what the bleep do we know"?

If not.. I think you would really enjoy it.

1/15/2008 6:37 PM  

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